What is the working principle of a medium speed coal mill?

The motor drives the grinding disc to rotate through the reducer, and the material falls from the inlet to the center of the mill through the lock air feeder, while the hot air enters the mill from the air inlet.




How to avoid unclean sand washing and serious loss of fine sand in the production process

In order to ensure that the machine sand is cleaner and has better quality after production, it will be cleaned using a sand washer, and the commonly used equipment in this process is spiral sand washer and wheel sand washer. However, after cleaning by these two types of sand washers, a problem will arise that the sand cannot be cleaned and the loss of fine sand is very serious.




Advantages and disadvantages of different equipment in different crushing stages

For a sand making production line, from raw materials to finished products, it generally has to go through three to four crushing and shaping processes, and in different crushing processes, it needs to be applied to different crushing equipment, and use the different characteristics of the equipment to play a role in the crushing production process. The following article will analyze and introduce the advantages and disadvantages of common crushing equipment from the three stages of coarse crushing, fine crushing and shaping.




Lower cost of ball mills and rod mills?

Lower cost of ball mills and rod mills? Rod mill and ball mill are also important mechanical equipment in sand making, so for the sand making industry, which rod mill or ball mill is more suitable? Which one has high sand making efficiency and low investment cost? Let's listen to professional comparisons and analyses.


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